Robert Kunec

April 28 – May 28, 2011

FLAG DAY 2011 ( photo, 16″ x 24′ Edition of 3)                                                IT’S NOT A BOMB (suitcase, 20″ x 28″ x 8″, unique)

Editorial Review: The New York Art World, May 2011

Robert Kunec’s work, which refers to the suicide attack, is of self-explanatory. Kunec creates an impressive picture of the interior mechanism of this event, also of the ideological, manipulative indoctrination. The sculpture deals with the totalitarian way of thinking, taking the subject as hostage. It is searching for the human role behind the uniform of a religiously motivated fight. The picture found by Kunec varies between a toolkit and an explosive device, both mechanical constructions. With this complex question about the subjectivity is raised in its intercultural context, on the basis of one of the most extreme examples in current debates. Humans as toys, as subjects, relieved of their own will, or as individuals driven by their faith.

Excerpt: Prof.Dr. Eugen Blume, Director Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Terrorism. It affects everything. Though rarely contemporary art. The subject is too hot, too political, too dangerous perhaps. Despite this fact, one who does dare to seek out images of terror, a willingness to self sacrifice, fanaticism and religious delusion, is the young artist Robert Kunec. It’s a path that has taken him to the boundaries of the acceptable and the utterable.

Excerpt: – Dr. Noemi Smolik, (artnet magazine -Sept.2010)

Kunec was born in Slovakia in 1978. He first completed his training as a goldsmith, then later went on to study art at the Art Academy of Prague and finally at the School of Art and Design in Halle, Germany.


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