Gallurese, Acrylic on canvas, 2018, 40 x 30 inches


We are pleased to announce that Danny Rolph’s painting “Gallurese” has been acquired by The Highlanes Municipal Art Gallery collection in Ireland. Exhibited in the exhibition “Vision X” (curated by Diana copperwhite) at The Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin late last year, it becomes the third work held by Danny in Public Collections alongside the Metropolitan Museum NY and the Tate Collection London. This work is part of the series of canvases completed between 2017-2019 titled  “endangered languages of Italy”  This list of languages was defined by UNESCO a few years ago and prompted the artist, a former Rome Scholar, to create a body of work that would draw attention to this situation. Gallurese is a language spoken in north east Sardinia and is part of the Italo-Dalmation family of languages. Each painting in this series has a fiercely independent character which reflects the particular language in the title. 

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