Hendrik Smit

Hendrik Smit "Untitled #21" Full view

Hendrik Smit “Untitled #21”

Hendrik Smit


November 5 – December 24, 2009

Smit is one of the last true inhabitants in the world of action painting, a place where the process of creating a work receives much more emphasis than the finished product. Reminiscent of the Tachishme style of the 1940s and 1950s Smit’s paintings lack any sort of predetermined structure, but are conceived within the moment. In an indefinable instant, the artist and his emotions become one with the paint. Fraught with an indescribable internal energy, each piece explores a different combination of vibrant pigment and violent momentum giving each canvas a vitality it can hardly contain. Formidable and engaging, a unique energy radiates from each work.


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