Thietmar Bachmann

June 28 – July 16, 2011      Summer hours: Tue – Fri 11- 6 pm, or by appointment

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel is showing a special Farewell exhibit for a dear friend and artist. His artworks brings together photography and painting on the same canvas, stimulating the eyes of the viewer and inviting to virtually “dive” into the pictures, going places around the world.

Thietmar Bachmann, was born in Coburg, Germany. His artistic interest focused first on painting, working both in oil and watercolor, as well as on etching, expanding to photography later on. Some of his work has been shown at the Federal Photography exhibit in 1983.

During the day Mr. Bachmann served as the Head of the Cultural Department of the German Consulate New York for the last three years, currently he is getting ready for a new posting in Europe.

Transatlantic Climate Change II, Oil on canvas 12×16 in.


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