Per Adolfsen is a Danish artist who regularly makes forays into the countryside with only a pencil and paper to retrieve images from the landscape in highly lyric ways. His color drawings are extraordinarily precise if not very accurate in color, resulting in a hallucinatory image that is as beautiful as it is unusual. Working within a small format, Adolfsen has made a group of drawings that celebrate nature on the scale of chamber music, in which poetry combines with a formal accuracy based on the precise report of the land. The trees and meadows and rocks, with bodies of water and snowy heights, all combine to create a world of unusual, and also innocent, beauty. This is an unusual time for an innocent view of nature, stuck as we are in the morass of decades, if not centuries, of the abuse of the natural world. Adolfsen, who rejects all technology in his practice, working with paper and pencil alone, might be accused of being old-fashioned. But perhaps the greater truth is that the deliberate constraints that he places on materials return him to a past when a romantic view of nature had not been tarnished by exploitation….

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