Joe Brainard, Collage

Collage – Assemblage

December 6 – December 22, 2008

Collage is the perfect medium for our fast-paced, information packed times. Since the beginnings with its first champions, Kurt Schwitters and Max Ernst, this humble art form has become the darling visual expression for writers. Recently, Pulitzer Prize winning poet John Ashbery received enormous attention for his collage show. Ashbery collaborated with fellow author and artist, the late Joe Brainard who headlines the show “Ripped and Torn”.

Artists in show:

Star Black, Amy Ernst, John Evans, India Evans, Judy Rifka, Bob Heman, Madeline Weinrib, Tom Walker, Lewis Warsh, Bruce Weber, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Valery Oisteanu, Rakien Nomura, Micci Cohan, Sali Taylor, Charles Mingus III, Angelo Jannuzzi, Lucien Dulfan, Laurance Rassin, David Shapiro, Allan Sheinman, Toni Tiger and Luigi Cazzaniga.

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