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Tanja Selzer lives and works in Berlin, Germany.  Born in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, Selzer completed her studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design in Hamburg, Germany.  Her focus lies in painting. With her work, she explores the boundaries of voyeuristic situations and their social consequences.  Since 2005 her work is exhibited nationally and internationally and is part of public and private collections.  In 2008 she won the Gesellschafter art award with a special exhibition at the Art Fair 21 in Cologne. 

1993-1999  University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design, Hamburg, Germany

COLLECTIONS  (selected)
Familly Schneider collection, Greieich, Germany
Rusche SØR Collection, Berlin/Oelde
Museum am Dom, Würzburg
HSH Nordbank, Hamburg
Sammlung Schirm, Berlin


2018 Unusual flowers, Kornhausgalerie Weingarten, curated by Dr. Martin Oswald 
2014 Meet me in the Trees 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York
2013 Sweet Lies, Janine Bean Gallery, Berlin
2012 September 8th – October 13th, janinebeangallery, Berlin
2011 “Keine Tränen für die Kreaturen der Nacht”, janinebeangallery, Berlin
2011 “Sabotage”, art.ist Galerie, Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
2011 Galerie Mühlfeld+Stohrer, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
2010 “Gib mir dein Rot”, janinebeangallery, Berlin
2010 “Nothing Happened”, Galerie Mühlfeld+Stohrer, Frankfurt a. M.
2009 “Surface”, Verve Gallery, Berlin
2007 “New Works”, Galerie Andreas Engler, Berlin
2006 “Full Coverage”, Galerie Andreas Engler, Berlin

2013 Schöne Landschaft – Bedrohte Natur, Landschaftsbilder aus der Collection SØR Rusche /
Kunsthalle Osnabrück / Germany
2013 Tierstücke from the Collection SØR Rusche / Abtei Liesborn Museum / Germany
2013 I Amesterdam you Berlin, St. Johannes-Evangelist-Church / Berlin / Germany
2012 “KREATUREN”, painting, photography, video and sculpture, Tanja Selzer, Sabine Wenzel, Sevrina Giard, Kerstin Grimm, janinebeangallery, Berlinz
2012 “Eros und Thanatos”, April 28th – May 26th, Collection SØR Rusche Berlin/Oelde, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
2011 “SATT”, Kunstverein artmx.eV, during Lange Nacht der Museen, Cologne, Germany
2011 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York City, USA
2011 “Röhrender Hirsch”, Galerie Karin Sutter, Basel, Switzerland
2011 “HotSpot Berlin – Eine Momentaufnahme”, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, featuring a benefit auction with Simon de Pury
2011 “WANTED”, janinebeangallery, Berlin
2011 “Kreaturen”, Kunstverein Lemgo, Germany
2011 “Kreaturen”, Galerie Bernau, Germany
2010 “NORDSCHAU 4 – Neue Blicke in die Kunstsammlung der HSH Nordbank”, Hamburg, Germany
2010 Café Endlager, curated by Ralf Schmerberg, Stuttgart, Germany
2009 “Idyllic Abysses”, Lucas Carrieri Gallery, Berlin
2009 “8 Years Gallery”, Galerie Mühlfeld+Stohrer, Frankfurt a. M. , Germany
2009 “NORDSCHAU 1 – Blick in die Kunstsammlung der HSH Nordbank”, Hamburg, Germany
2008 “artmx cologne vol.01”, Cologne, Germany
2008 3rd prize at the Members Art Award 2008, ART FAIR 21, Cologne, Germany
2005 “Electric Ladyland”, Umformwerk Bewag, Berlin




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